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Embracing the Seasons

We’ve all done it. 

Rushing through a task to get to some fun. Getting through the day to get to tomorrow. Pushing through the week to get to the weekend. It will be easier when… If I can just make it to…

Life doesn’t stop and I’ve often found myself longing to be in the time ahead. Hurrying through life. Wasting my life away. Forgetting to enjoy the life that I am living.

Until - winter. A few years ago, I had an unexpected thought. I was looking forward to the freezing weather. Not a frost or a hard freeze. I needed rest and nothing was going to stop the work until I was forced indoors. Winter - it saved me.

I’ve continued to learn how each season lends a different focus. Each season has its own set of challenges and joys, but these help create a rhythm that guide both my life and our flower farm.

Spring = Possibilities

I am filled with hope each spring. This drives me to invest my time in sowing seeds, nurturing tiny sprouts, and planting out in the field. I am energized when working outdoors. I feel at peace when digging into the soil, breathing fresh air, and marveling at the creation of this earth.

Summer = Fun and connection

My family’s schedule revolves around the school calendar. In the summer, we have increased flexibility and take some time for family fun. We also absolutely love getting to share our farm with you. Each year, I make stronger connections with those in our community, sharing the joy that comes with fresh flowers and also the experience of creating something beautiful.

Fall = Reflection

We continue harvesting until frost, but I also begin to evaluate our season. What worked? What didn’t work? I jot down thoughts, reflecting on the current and past seasons so we can better serve our community in the years to come. The end result of my reflection is always an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunities that we’ve been given and the support that we have received.

Winter = Rest

As winter blankets our farm, it appears that our dormant fields are silent, but there is much happening below the surface and behind the scenes. I now love that I am forced indoors to rest. My kids enjoy playing in the snow. I enjoy the resurgence of board games, the menu change to comforting soups, the physical rest when shifting to garden planning, and the lightened schedule. Freeing up my time increases my creativity, and I love to dream and define steps to bring those dreams to life.

Growth, harvest, rest, renewal. Repeat.

The season of life you are in may be related to the weather, school calendar, or your phase of life. Wherever you are today, I hope that you can embrace each season of life wholeheartedly. Find purpose, joy, and fulfillment in each day, week, month, and year.

Do you have any tips for me? I am always willing to learn more so please share them. You can also sign up for our email list using the form below so you can stay up to date on all that is happening on our farm.

Take care,


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I loved every minute of our snow days. I took Olivia sledding for the first time. The joy on her face was magnificent. When the temperatures were below zero, we stayed in and played dice, had a dance party, planned Olivia's Halloween Birthday Party (March 4), lots of snuggling, I also enjoyed watching my momma and granddaughter play "Hide and Seek", Dice, Poppit Dice, One of my favorite January memories of 2024 is watching Olivia and Momma play "Beauty Salon". Olivia gave her a "Golden Forehead". Thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams with all of us. Looking forward to visiting the Flower Farm. ~Michelle Stonecipher

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