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How to Survive the Holidays - Why I don't send out Christmas cards.

I love giving gifts and doing kind gestures for others, but when all of the to-dos get stacked on top of each other during the holiday season, I can easily get stressed. My attitude of love and service easily transforms into a feeling of pressure and resentment.

Not good. Seriously, ask my kids. They will tell you.

To thrive instead of just surviving this season, I use several strategies that have transformed my attitude during the holiday season. Hopefully, you will find these tips useful, too.

  • Decide what is important. Several years back, I asked everyone in my family to choose one priority activity for the season. Decorating cookies, touring Christmas lights, a family baking day, decorating our house, and homemade ornaments made the list. Christmas cards did not. I prioritize what is important to my family, including me, and let the rest go.

  • Plan ahead. Make your list and check it twice. Not just the tasks, but also how much time is needed to complete each item so you can eliminate unnecessary hurry as deadlines approach.

  • Build in buffer. Everything will not go to plan. Ingredients will be out of stock, shipping will be delayed, a project will take longer than expected. Life happens. Plan for the unexpected by leaving some wiggle room in your schedule.

  • Sleep. The year after staying up all night to edit a family music video as a gift for my mother-in-law (so worth it), I vowed to sleep every night leading up to Christmas. This allows me to be more present with my family and enjoy the big day that I have worked so hard toward.

  • Be realistic. Give yourself a break and scale back your expectations. Maybe your DIY Christmas needs to be just one project that can be gifted to many. I now create only "special edition" Christmas ornaments since I trimmed the number to just a fifth of what I used to make.

  • Delegate. You do not have to do it all. I repeat, you do not have to do it all. Accept help when offered. Ask your spouse to pick up packages and run errands. Share the chores with your family.

So, how are you doing this holiday season? Will you implement any of these strategies? Do you have others to suggest? I'd love to hear them! You can also sign up for our email list using the form below.

Take care,


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1 Comment

LOVE your strategies. Taking one of them right now. I am planning to plan my gardening inventory this weekend.

I have been doing a few things myself but focus has been how to manage winter blues and stress. One thing is I bought a Sun Therapy Lamp. The lamp is suppose to help with the lack of sunlight due to being inside so much. As you know Stacie, being in the garden or on the farm provides a plethra of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. I am going to begin some winter sowing.

I am not meaning to advertise any products but I also bought a grounding mat. The benefits of having outdoor grounding experiences has sho…

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